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CANPLY products meet PREMIUM quality standards like the "IS" standards:

B.W.P. Grade comes with the prestigious Marine Grade IS 710:1976 certification. 90% of ISI the marked plywood comes with IS 303:1989 mark which is given to B.W.R (Boiling Water Resistant) grade plywood. IS 710:1976 can withstand 72 hrs boiling water at 100ºC. It can also withstand all climatic variations and extreme weather changes. Stress relieving measures at every stage make them warp free and stable.

Sizes & thicknesses (In mm)
6, 8/9, 12, 15/16, 18/19mm.


•Marine Plywood is available with ISI mark 710.
•It is borer proof, termite proof and powder proof.
•It is economical in comparison to other products due to durability.
•Made of hard woods with superior mechanical properties
•Water resistant in boiling water for 72 hours
•Superior bond strength between veneers
•Virtually unaffected by moisture and dampness.

•Ship Building
•Truck and Bus Body
•Cooling Towers Interiors / Exterior use
•Elegant Furniture
•Kitchen Cabinet

BWR & MR Grade Plywood
This premium quality of B.W.R. Plywood confirms to the IS: 303-1989 standardization. It has been manufactured from selected stress with in house manufactured PF resin. It is resistible to extreme weather conditions like heavy moisture content of air, dryness, unbeatable heat, dense fog and all adverse atmospheric changes. It best applicable places starts from automobile frames, railways, bus coaches to kitchen cabinets, bathroom furnishing, exterior hoarding sign board and even dining table top.

Manufactured as per IS: 303 specification premium quality M.R. Grade plywood caters to every need of customer. Its excellent quality perfectly matches the economical frame. With a normal and minimal climatic alteration, plywood is best recommended to grace all interior applications, that includes office and computer roof furniture, your dwelling place and business establishments. ISI 303:1989 marked M.R Grade CANPLY is bonded with improved and indigenously compounded phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin under controlled temperature and pressure. The tough treatment given to this MR GRADE PLYWOOD makes it sturdy. Glue line is fused with chemicals for borer and termite protection. It does not swell even after it is immersed in hot water for 8 hours boiling and therefore is ideal to be used at hot, humid and moist locations. The result is a high quality ply that can resist boiling water, cold water, climate variations including termite and borer attacks. The performance suits to any interior creativity with painting, lamination and veneering works.

Sizes & thicknesses (In mm) 6, 8/9, 12, 15/16, 18/19mm.


•Superior bond strength between veneers
•Superior quality commercial plywood, suitable for all interior applications, where durability and economy are equally important.
•Resistible to extreme weather conditions
•It is borer proof, termite proof and powder proof
•Water resistant in boiling water for 8 hours

•Elegant Furniture
•Kitchen cabinets
•Exterior Hoarding Sign board
•Interior Creativity

Block Boards•MR Grade Block Board is used for interior purposes such as furniture, partition, paneling and ceiling etc.
•BWR Grade Block Board is meant for exterior use, in areas where there is a likely exposure to high humidity.
• Both the above grades and types of CANPLY Block Boards are fabricated as a five ply construction-a central core of wooden strip, two cross bands and two face veneers on each side of the core assembly.
• Other parameters for processing of CANPLY Block Boards, such as pre-pressing, hot-pressing, press temperature and pressure etc., are the same as in plywood processing.
•Battens of timber conforming to IS: 1659 as listed under "Annexure B" are used, after proper treatment and seasoning as frame.
• Assembled packs (a central core of a wooden fr

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